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Case Studies

Pharma case studies focus on specific issues and provide insights on how a particular technology or development is useful to the pharma companies. This section presents case studies on industry developments, technologies, products and services.

Rapid, Comprehensive, And Aff Ordable Mycobacterial Diagnosis With Whole-genome Sequencing: A Prospective Case Study

AbstractBackgroundSlow and cumbersome laboratory diagnostics for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex MTBC risk delayed treatment and poor patient outcomes Wholegenome sequencing WGS could potentially provide a rapid and comprehensive diagnostic solution In this prospective study we compare realtime

Unusual Drug Response And Hemodynamics In VA – ECMO : A Drug Case Study

AbstractMaintaining higher sedation in patients undergoing ECMO therapy is crucial Currently no definite sedation strategy has been proposed in the literature as the pharmacokinetics of the medications in these patients is still not clear We would like to report a case of a patient with uncontrollable diverse clinical response to medications duri...

Applying Data Mining Techniques To Medical Time Series: An Empirical Case Study

AbstractOne of the major challenges in the medical domain today is how to exploit the huge amount of data that this field generates To do this approaches are required that are capable of discovering knowledge that is useful for decision making in the medical field Time series are data types that are common in the medical domain and require specia...

Effects Of Particle Size On The Triboelectrification Phenomenon In Pharmaceutical Excipients: An Experimental Case Study

AbstractParticle sizes play a major role to mediate charge transfer both between identical and different material surfaces The study probes in to the probable mechanism that actuates opposite polarities between two different size fractions of the same material by analyzing the charge transfer patterns of two different sizes of MCC Quantum scale c...

Impact Of Substitution Among Generic Drugs On Persistence And Adherence:a Retrospective Claims Data Case Study

AbstractOnce the period of exclusivity on a reference medicine expires it is possible to apply for marketing of a generic version of that medicine By definition a generic product is considered interchangeable with the innovator brand product when it demonstrates the same qualitative and quantitative composition in active substances the same pharma...

Remarkable Regression Of A Giant Cell Tumor Of The Cervical Spinetreated Conservatively With Denosumab: A Case Study

AbstractThis case study has been conducted to establish the fact that Denosumab can be used as an adjuvant therapy by which to avoid or reduce the risks and morbidity of surgical treatment in patients with spinal GCTs extending into the nearby tissues considering the adequate duration safety and lack of adverse events of this treatment even thoug...

Cyclodextrins as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for The Treatment Of GM1-Gangliosidosis: A Feasibility Case Study

AbstractGMgangliosidosis is a rare lysosomal storage disorder characterized clinically by a wide range of variable neurovisceral ophthalmological and dysmorphic features Without enough functional galactosidase GMgangliosides cannot be degraded in lysosomes and accumulate to toxic levels in many tissues and organs particularly in the brain In s

An Observational Case Study Of Prescription Patterns Of Antibiotics In Treating Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

AbstractAntibiotics are of the oldest discovered drugs that combat specific micro organisms like bacteria and fungi Although there are several classification schemes for antibiotics based on bacterial spectrum broad vs narrow or route of administration injectable vs oral vs topical or type of activity bactericidal vs bacteriostatic the most usefu

Prescribing Antibiotics to ‘At-Risk’ Children With Influenza-Like Illness In Primary Care: A Qualitative Case Study

AbstractObjectivesNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines recommend immediate antibiotic treatment of respiratory tract infections in atrisk individuals with comorbidities Observational evidence suggests that influenza particularly predisposes children to bacterial comp

Bioavailability of Methadone After Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Planned Observational Case Study

AbstractAlthough there are no absolute contraindications to bariatric surgery most bariatric surgeons consider that patients with ongoing illicit drug use should not undergo such procedures The lack of clear recommendations within this field makes morbidly obese patients on opioidreplacement therapy a subgroup at risk for treatment refusal There...

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