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Articles on key issues related to the pharma industry from the heads of leading pharmaceutical companies and pharma industry experts across the globe. The pharma industry articles' section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as Strategic developments in the pharma industry, pharmaceutical R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology.

AI Cures

Repurposing Old Drugs for New Threats
Ever wondered why the specter of infectious diseases like COVID still haunts us despite decades of medical advancements The answer lies in the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance

The Regulatory Landscape for Nutraceuticals

Striking a balance between innovation and safety
With time nutraceuticals are becoming increasingly demanding in the global as well as Indian markets According to Grand View Research the India nutraceuticals market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of from to

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

The new frontier in pharmaceutical innovation
The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence AI in the discovery and development of drugs represents a significant step towards transforming drug delivery systems

Multi-Target Directed Ligands and Lipidomics Approach for Glioblastoma Drug Discovery

The traditional pharmaceutical approach of designing a diseasesymptomspecific drug has historically proven effective However this methodology often falls short due to the complex and often multifactorial etiology of diseases

Government Investment in AI Capabilities will Cement Singapore’s Position as a Premier Clinical Trial Location

As Asia establishes itself as the global hub for clinical trials Singapore is bolstering its position as the preferred location for these trials to take place The countrys strong RD capabilities talent pool world class healthcare infrastructure and robust regulatory

Revolutionising Drug Discovery and Development with Artificial Intelligence

As the global pharma industry continues its shift towards precision medicine in the quest for targeting undruggable targets research and development activities have experienced a tremendous surge

Pharma Firms Must Come Together, Ensure Access to Antibiotics in Poor Countries to Take on Superbugs

In an era marked by remarkable medical advancements a disquieting paradox is staring at us While many parts of the world face a growing threat of antimicrobial resistance owing to overuse of antibiotics several low and middle income countries

Viksit Bharat@ 2047 envisioned the Indian Pharma Industry

India as a potential hub for pharmaceutical investors to meet the global crisis of drugs
The Indian Pharmaceuticals industry has emerged globally as one of the fastest growing industries The pharmaceutical industry in India is expected to reach Bn by and Bn by The pharmaceutical industry

The Transformative Impact of AI on Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry encompass a broad and complex field that is essential for the development approval and postmarketing surveillance of pharmaceutical products This domain acts as the critical nexus between pharmaceutical companies

APAC’s Biopharma Providers’ Role in Pioneering a Healthcare Revolution

Asias healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative journey grappling with profound challenges in changing demographics persistent health inequities and the rising burden of increased disease prevalence
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